We all know the digital world has arrived, and we use parts of it every day to connect, plan and make purchases. But when you think about using digital to grow revenue for your small business, the pitfalls of picking something that looks good or sounds attractive are many without a strategy. If you make those mistakes, a digital presence will not help to grow revenues. To do that, you need to think strategically, and put digital in its proper place

Having a digital presence does not attract new customers. Connecting, engaging and leading your audience does. 

Among Other Findings

1. We Live In A Virtual World

2. The Role of Digital Must Be Defined 

3. Strategy Before Tools And Platforms

4. Connection, Engagement and Leadership are the Imperatives of Succesful Marketing Today

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Our Solution Begins With Consulting.  We Bring To The Table All The Help You Need To Attract New Customers On A Regular Basis. 





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Everyday, potential customers use some kind of technology device, or platform such as social media, email, search engines, etc. In fact, 78% of all web browsers are used to search for products or services with the possibility of purchasing. Synch connects your business with digital to attract these leads and convert.

Here's How It Works


Consult With Us
You tell us about your goals. Our job is to understand your business and marketing needs.


We Identify Your Target Audience
Our research associates conduct marketing research to identify your key audience. Then follow through with target audience profiling.


Marketing Strategy 
Now that we know what your goals are. We develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that connects your small business with digital to attract customers based on research and best practices.

Strategic Web structuring - optimized for conversion

Tools and Platforms - email, social, ppc, blog & content

Keyword Strategy

Search Engine Optimization


Campaign Development and Management
With the use of tools from Google and Constant Contact, we design and implement Campaign. Social Media Campaigns, Email Marketing, Search Engine Advertisement.

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