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As a small business owner, you recognize that success depends on strong relationships, particularly with those to whom you turn for advice. At Outlook Bench Group, our 200+ strategists and experts in planning and implementation of Sales, Marketing and Brand strategies, develop strategies that will help your business grow revenue, gain a strong brand reputation, and retain customers.

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Here’s how it works. Based on carefully collected and analyzed data, we simplify the complexities of gaining market share, achieving sustainable growth and developing a strong brand reputation for our clients. We start with a business needs analysis; you tell us about your business, we do the listening.

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Thriving in this economy requires a lot of effort, particularly with growing revenue when your resources are limited as a small business. Our organizational philosophy is to create services and products as we learn through the journey of small businesses how to best help our clients. In other words, we don’t call it a product/service until and unless it will help grow your business. Click hereto learn more about our products and services.

Our Approach

  • We start by determining the set of outcomes that can drive your business to client acquisition and revenue growth. That is, we conduct a marketing needs analysis.
  • The next step is the development of a comprehensive Marketing Strategy – using data, industry best practices and technology.
  • Follow through involves Implementation and Facilitation of the Strategy.
  • Finally, we help to Manage Outcomes: Because our goal is to grow revenue for small businesses, with our more than 200 advisers specializing in the area, we are able to help predict success, and turn outcomes into revenue growing tools.



We provide consulting services for small businesses based on well curated data and industry best practices. Our services in consulting help small business in the acquisition and retention of clients.

Our Focus is strategy development to grow revenue through:

  • Sales Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Marketing Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Designed Sharing Solution
  • Strategy Development Consulting
  • Business Planning
  • Project Development and Management
  • Strategic Budgeting

Business Planning

The global economy presents highly competitive markets; brands and products strive to increase sales. Consumers are presented with multiple choices of innovative solutions, products and services, thereby eliciting broad options. Hence, increasing competition on a given market. Our business planning provides both long term and short-term navigation systems to sustainable growth and a well reputable brand – we plan with the understanding of possible futures. Without imposing ideas, we provide well-tailored business planning and implementation tactics.

NPOs & Government

Outlook Bench Group brings our organization’s resources to provide cutting-edge solutions to nonprofits/governments. We provide facilitative advisory services.


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